Sunday, October 2, 2011 - Review and Tutorial

Like most GPT sites, boasts high earnings and, overall, an easy way to earn money online. However, while most GPT sites advertise empty promises, PaidTheFastest is different - and therefore one of the best GPT sites - for a number of reasons.

1. The site truly lives up to its name. Payout is set at $1 via PayPal, $5 for giftcards, and there are even more ways to be paid! Focusing on PayPal for now, payment is instant. The second you request payout is the same second you're paid. There's no maximum number of times you can cashout per day, and there's absolutely no extra charges or frees for US residents.

2. The earning process is centered around a dedicated and helpful community of administrators and fellow earners alike! At any given time there will be a number of active users in chat, and any support tickets you might have to send in will be answered within a few hours. Any questions you have can quickly be answered.

3. Along with the easy to complete offers (detailed in point 4), there are many other ways to earn with PaidTheFastest. From the yearly fantasy sports groups to the "Pick 3" and Blackjack games on PaidTheFastest, there are a ton of ways to also use the points you accumulate.

4. There's no use in having quick and easy payouts if it isn't actually easy to earn from PaidTheFastest. And easy it is:

PaidTheFastest Tutorial
You'll first have to accumulate a total of $5.00 to upgrade your account to the "50X" for one month. Two things about this - you'll have to convert your actual money to points ($1.00 = 100points, so 500points total will be needed), and you cannot fund you account from the outside - this has to be $5.00 you've earned off of the site.

The "50X" denotes your chances of earning from previously-unrefereed new members. Basically, you're investing $5.00 at the start of the month, hoping to earn more than that back off of the 10 or so people who are now earning money for you.

You'll first earn $0.20 after each referral completes an offer over $0.50, and from there will continue earning 20% of whatever they earn from cash and point offers. This lasts even after your 30 days of upgraded membership are up, so it's possible to continue paying for month-to-month upgrades just with a few active referrals!

In conclusion, PaidTheFastest is a great way to earn online. As far as GPT sites go, it's easily one of the best. Highly recommended as an investment venture as well!

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